Call and text without using your carrier.

  • Call international like it's local.
  • Stop paying expensive phone bills.
  • Join more than 6 million users.
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Free calls

Call anyone in the world.

Unlike other apps, UppTalk allows you to call and text people that doesn't have UppTalk.

  • We love landlines.
  • We love grandmas.
  • We love travellers.

It's a Cloud Phone

Call international like it's local.

There are no barriers. You can use UppTalk anywhere in the world and talk to anyone as if you were sitting side by side. Forget about roaming and expensive rates.

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Free Texting and Free calling

Reduce your monthly bill and start saving instantly.

UppTalk runs over internet without using your carrier minutes. It's time to stop paying expensive phone bills.

Call & Text millions of UppTalk users worldwide for free.

Texting with UppTalk is fun and simple. Create group chats and talk with pictures and videos.

No more missed calls. Receive calls on any device, even when you're only on Wi-Fi.

Crystal clear calls with state-of-the-art voice technology.
Never miss a word whenever you are on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE.

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