Frequently Asked Questions

Texting is fun again!


Now you can send amazing and beautiful stickers using UppTalk. Stickers are big emojis. If you don't know what emojis are, we googled it for you:"a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication." :P

Here's the deal, now you can express yourself with stickers! And as you are using UppTalk, obviously you can send it via SMS to any person in the world! :D

Animated GifsTop

To send a gif, all you need to do is to write:

"gif dog dancing"

We are going to look for a random gif with the tags dog and dancing! Isn't it amazing!



Telling a friend where you are is super simple with UppTalk. Just one click away in the chat.

Audio notesTop

Do you know when you want to tell a lot of things, but writing is too much work? Press, talk and just go out to play.

How UppTalk works?

What's UppTalk?Top

UppTalk is a VoIP application that allows you to make and receive free calls and send sms without using a normal mobile operator. All you need is internet.

Are my calls free?Top

Yes! If you call a person that uses UppTalk your call is unlimited and free. Whenever you make a call to someone that doesn't have UppTalk, you are going to need credits. Now you might ask yourself why we are charging credits, well, we need to pay the carriers whenever a call is made to their phones.

The nice thing about the credits is that you can earn them for free!

Are my text messages free?Top

Yes! Besides free messages to any UppTalk user, if you get one of our plans, we also offer free SMS to any US phone. Isn't it great?

Explain credits.Top

Credits is a virtual currency used by UppTalk that allows you to make free calls and text to any phone. We use it to pay other traditional carriers whenever you are calling or texting someone that doesn't have UppTalk. The great thing about credits is that you can earn them for free!

How the calling plans works?Top

Calling plans are special minute offers. Let's say you call a lot to United States. Well, get a unlimited plan for just 3 bucks and you are good to go.

Can I call and text a normal phone?Top

Yes! That's the best part of UppTalk. We created it to allow you to call and text specially the people that doesn't have UppTalk or even a smartphone. You don't need to force them to use it. You can call your grandma or friends via UppTalk.

How can I get more credits?Top

There are 2 options to get more credits.

You can either pay a little for a lot of credits or you can earn them for free by engaging with our special offers.

Creating an account

What information you need from me?Top

Information needed:

  • Username (How you login at UppTalk).
  • Email (Just in case you forget your password).
  • To be over 14 years old.

Why do I have to get an UppTalk phone number?Top

The UppTalk number is one of the advantages of using this app. You can receive calls and texts, in the app and you can use this number across multiple devices and it works with just WiFi.

My email is taken, can I still create an account with it?Top

Unfortunately no. Each account is associated with a unique, individual email.

My username is taken, can I still create an account with it?Top

We're sorry. Each username is unique and associated with a different account.

Verifying your phone

Need I to verify my phone?Top

If you don't want to get a number from us, yes, you'll need to verify your native number to call/text NON-Upptalk users.

How does the verification process work?Top

  1. You need a real mobile phone number (not a landline number).
  2. We will send you an SMS to that number with the necessary confirmation code.
  3. After the confirmation code is introduced in the app, your account will be verified.

If you don’t receive the code via SMS, you can ask for a confirmation call.

How can I verify my phone number if I am on a tablet?Top

To complete the registration process you need a mobile phone number. This mobile number should be able to receive SMS so that we can send you the confirmation code there.

You should then type this code into the UppTalk app installed on your tablet.

I’m not receiving my verification code.Top

Please contact and we will personally give you the verification code. We apologize for any inconvenience.

UppTalk phone number

Can I call using my phone number instead of the UppTalk number?Top

When you get an UppTalk number, this is the number associated with the app, so every time that you make a call using the app, your contacts are going to see your UppTalk number and not your regular phone number.

There are no extra costs for you to use this number nor for your contacts to call you on this number. There are actually quite a few benefits in having an UppTalk number including that you can use it across multiple devices and it works with just WiFi.

The best way to take advantage of your UppTalk number? Calling and texting across the world having no charge in your carrier while on Wi-fi.

Nice to meet you

What is UppTalk? Top

UppTalk is an award-winning global mobile app that lets users call any mobile or landline phone, SMS any mobile and chat, anywhere in the world for free. It’s unique in that your friends and family don’t need to have UppTalk to receive calls, voice or SMS messages.

  • No subscription required
  • Works over 3G/4G and WiFi
  • Available for iOS and Android

How does UppTalk work? Top

UppTalk allows you to place calls, SMS and chats over the top of your existing mobile or wifi service. Though it uses data, there are no additional costs. To contact non-UppTalk users there is a virtual cost that is paid for with credit. You always start with free credit and you can earn more credit easily through sending referrals and watching adverts, instead of paying any hard cash.

What devices support UppTalk? Top

UppTalk is available for iPhone, iPod or iPad and devices running Android.

Why UppTalk? Top

With so many other calling and messaging apps out there, why use UppTalk? UppTalk does not require the person with whom you want to speak to also have the app. You can call and message non-UppTalk users and still you can earn credits for free. You're not limited to calling other smartphones either. You can make calls to landlines too.

Who can I call with UppTalk? Top

You can call anyone, anywhere without using a carrier


What is UppTalk Credit? Top

UppTalk Credit is the way to 'pay' for calls and text to mobiles and landlines across the world to non-UppTalk users. You always start with free credit and you can earn more credit easily through sending referrals and watching adverts, instead of paying.

How do I earn and use UppTalk Credit? Top

Earn UppTalk Credit by:

  • Joining activities from our partners like watching videos, downloading apps...

Use UppTalk Credit by:

  • Calling a non-UppTalk user (per minute)
  • Sending an SMS to a non-UppTalk user (per message)

How much UppTalk Credit do I use per call or text? Top

The amount of credit varies per country and depends on the number you are calling/texting to (mobile or landline) and the country. Remember calling and texting UppTalk users is free.


Are my conversations kept private? Top

UppTalk has a strict verification process. Your UppTalk account, and UppTalk number if you have one, can never be used by others.

Is my data safe with UppTalk? Top

Your personal information is protected and will not be shared with third parties.


What is UppTalk‘s mission? Top

UppTalk mission is to make talking free again!

What is UppTalk‘s vision? Top

We want to make communication free for everyone, everywhere and get rid of traditional carriers and their abusive prices.